In the restaurant business, it’s all about satisfying the customer. Without the feedback from the customers, restaurants cannot thrive. I am very happy to hear about your experience at our restaurant – positive or negative. If you have an issue, please notify our servers immediately – a soup base that’s not flavourful enough, a dirty lettuce or even a cockroach walking across the table… as one reviewer supposedly saw. We will do our best to make sure you have a positive experience and leave happy!

Here are some common + uncommon complaints that we’ve had (From Yelp or with customers directly) and here’s what I can say. The list will be regularly updated!

  • Chrysanthemum tea flavour being bland and very watered down >>> This is a complaint that is not easy for us to address. During the night, it gets a bit watered down even though we make it fresh. We are considering changing the drink to another one down the road. Mandarin Buffet serves water with lemon. Should we do that?       [NOW SERVING LEMON WATER]
  • Soup bases not flavourful enough or not “salty enough” >>> We will always have a customer that will say that the hot & spicy broth is not HOT enough. We set the flavour levels according to our taste and what we think that most customers can take. There are people who have a higher tolerance for hot & spicy levels. If you would like your soup base flavour to be adjusted, be sure to let us know.
  • Condiments looking or tasting like they come out of a bottle or not enough condiment options (e.g., the tray we have at each table for creating your dipping sauce) >>> It is not possible for us to make our own sauces. There’s no point since there are already many great options in the market for us to use at the restaurant.
  • Desserts (that are with the meal price) are so-so >>> We’ve recently introduced a line of premium cheesecakes into our  menu. They are of course not free but believe me, these are some of the best ones around. They are priced similarly to other restaurants around our area that serves desserts ($4.99 or $5.49). We have large posters posted on the wall and a display case for you to check out the desserts.
  • Vegetables not clean enough >>> Root vegetables will sometimes have little bits of dirt remaining. Even if we flipped open each leaf to clean, there will always be a spot where there is some dirt left. You aren’t eating the vegetables raw.
  • Lack of food item options >>> We are totally open to suggestions. The items we have now are the most common ones around. Occasionally  we will have new special additions to the menu. They will be written on the display boards around the restaurant.

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