beverage & dessert

non-alcoholic drinks

  • hk style lemon tea*
  • hk style milk tea*
  • hk style coffee & tea mix
  • hk style honey lemon*
  • lemon coke
  • soft drinks
  • perrier water
  • fresh fruit juice


  • domestic beer – budweiser, coors light
  • import beer – heineken, corona, tsing tao, sapporo, guiness
  • sake – bottle or 10 oz.


  • please ask your server for the wines available

desserts **

  • white chocolate raspberry cheesecake*
  • godiva double chocolate cheesecake*
  • fudge layer cake
  • crazy red velvet cheesecake
  • white chocolate blueberry cheesecake *LIMITED TIME ONLY*
  • tuxedo mousse cheesecake *LIMITED TIME ONLY*
  • chocolate cherry cheesecake  *LIMITED TIME ONLY*
  • wild strawberries & cream cheesecake *LIMITED TIME ONLY*

*most popular and favourites are asterisked

**Takeout is available on our desserts.