>all you can eat (AYCE) dinner options< 

  • ayce – $17.95
  • ayce + seafood platter – $21.95
  • ayce + kobe beef + lobster – $59.95*
  • ayce for vegetarian – $19.95**

ayce includes a choice of 1 dessert (mango pudding or scoop of ice cream) and lemon water.
prices are per person, +$2 on weekends which are fri/sat/sun.

*ayce+kobe beef+lobster is a 2 person set dinner which includes 1 plate of kobe beef, 1.5lb fresh lobster and 2 fresh oysters.
**ayce for vegetarian includes a variety of mushrooms (enoki, king oyster, chinese, pine, dark fungus), vegetable and mixed mushroom dumplings.

soup bases for ayce hot pot

  • regular – cilantro & preserved egg, satay, hot & spicy, clear broth, corn & bones broth, 100 degrees chef’s special base
  • specialty soup bases (+$5 for each) – bean sprout tomato & tofu, spicy curry broth, american ginseng & chicken, chinese herb & chicken in wine broth, tomyum seafood, assorted mushrooms in bone broth, pickled vegetables & fresh pork belly in black pepper broth

ayce menu includes (but not all!)

  • beef, lamb, pork
  • marinated chicken wings
  • chinese dumplings, fish sui mai, wonton
  • konnyaku, surimi (imitation crab meat), sausage, luncheon meat
  • tofu, mushrooms, sweet potato, taro, bean curd, chinese doughnut
  • spinach, watercress, chinese lettuce
  • noodles (several kinds such as udon, ssang mein (raw noodles), he fun (wide chinese noodle))

side orders (not part of the ayce menu)

  • seafood platter 
  • fresh lobster
  • slices of kobe beef
  • fresh oysters – 12 pcs in small or large or single
  • scallops
  • salmon
  • surf clams
  • fish maw
  • grouper fillet
  • fried fish skin
  • enoki mushrooms
  • fresh chinese mushrooms