Now serving lemon water!

Traditionally, Chinese hot pot is served with plum juice or chrysanthemum tea. Since opening, we’ve served chrysanthemum tea as a part of the meal. We have now decided to make a change and serve lemon water instead. I am certain our customers will ask us why there is no more chrysanthemum tea. Will we lose customers because of this change? Perhaps but that would be crazy and absurd. You’re here to eat the food, not to drink the tea. Plus, it was already considered bland by many of our customers.

There are tons of health benefits when you drink lemon water. I’m not going to list them since you can easily find them by googling “lemon water benefits”. There are no calories when you drink water (chrysanthemum tea has sugars and has calories). Drinking lemon water keeps your breath fresh at all times. It’s not surprising to have lemon water for hot pot. If you go to Mandarin Buffet, they have always served lemon water.

With lemon water, you will have a better taste of the flavour of the food and soup base. Lemon water can act like a palate cleanser. Image


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